[PD] object that routes bangs to different outputs like a counter?

enrike altern2 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 16:43:01 CEST 2017

>> I am doing *very* short introductions to PD to art students who are 
>> very far from being technical. In that context I noticed that the less 
>> connections the better. I basically provide them with ready to use 
>> examples and a basic understanding of how to tweak them.
> I don't blame anyone having trouble to creating box and connecting them, 
> but I think pd is not the right tools for someone in this situation.
> there are lot's of tools and programming language available...

nothing I have checked so far does fulfil the requirements here. thats 
why I introduce to PD, but I not teach PD. I just point them into the 
tool and allow them to know the basic functions. If anyone wants to 
learn it I point into vanilla and the tutorials. I would love to be able 
to properly teach them, but it is impossible given the student's 
background, the context and the time limits

if you have some suggestion about some tool to replace PD please let me 



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