[PD] Compiling gendy~.pd_linux

Pagano, Patrick patrick.pagano at uconn.edu
Tue Oct 17 16:45:26 CEST 2017


I am also interested in compiling gedny~.pd_linux


SSFRR – gendy~<http://ssfrr.com/projects/gendy/>
gendy~ is a C++ library and external for PD and Max/ MSP to implement a variant of Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis, a technique developed by Iannis Xenakis.

I have successfully bootstrapped FLEXT but when i run it i get an error that is beyond my skill


here is the error i get

I have reached out to Spencer but he's probably too busy to revisit this old project code but for me Xenakis is a priority for sound design :-)

please take a look!!  thanks


/home/pi/Downloads/pd-0.47-1/src/m_pd.h:151:15: note: no known conversion for - Pastebin.com<https://pastebin.com/Mbj9xhRR>

Patrick Pagano B.S, M.F.A

Assistant Professor in Residence

Digital Media & Design

Web & Interactive Technologies

University of Connecticut, Stamford

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