[PD] object names with "."

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 18 01:08:47 CEST 2017

>> why do you think you are missing something?

> I usually do that, cause I'm not a programmer

> I also see this pattern here and there, so I'm 

> not coming up with this, would anyone have something 

> against using "."?

You said above you are not a programmer above, so I'll 

thrown in a programming perspective in the hopes that 

it's useful to you:

Your preference complicates the source 

code for no significant usability gain. 

The relationship between [foo_bar] and foo_bar_setup is 

easy to see, whereas the one between [foo.bar] and 

setup_fooOx2ebar is not.

If the "." character were used in a library name because it 

represents a well-known mathematical operator that would 

be one thing. But using it for personal preference at the 

expense of code readability isn't a worthwhile tradeoff 

from the standpoint of maintainability.

It's possible you saw the pattern in an abstraction 

library where this issue doesn't come up.

Also-- I used an uppercase "o" instead of a zero just 

to drive the readability point home.


> cheers 

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