[PD] [PD-announce] PuREST JSON 1.4.2 "Argo in shipyard" released

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Oct 18 12:36:57 CEST 2017

> Le 17/10/2017 à 23:03, Thomas Mayer a écrit :
>>> Oops, yes, that is the source of the problem. The package is
>>> called libjson-c2.
>> And in current distributions it is superseded by libjson-c3.

hmm, this is inaccurate, or at least it misses some information.

the package has been renamed not because the maintainers thought it was
a fun thing to do, but because newer versions of json-c have broken ABI
(so you cannot use an application that was linked against libjson-c2
with the new libjson-c3, simply because the new one is missing some

this also means that if you have a PuREST JSON linked against the old
libjson-c2, it cannot be used with the libjson-c3 package. or vice versa.

On 2017-10-18 12:07, Jack wrote:
> Do we need a new version of purest_json on deken ?

well, yes or no.
there's no need for a "new version" at all, since there is no need to
change PuREST JSON (the source code).
you could however recompile purest-json against the new json-c and
upload an *alternative* version. this alternative version will not be
usable on systems that ship libjson-c2.
so if a new upload replaces the old one, you will see the same problem
on other machines ("this doesn't necessarily involve "physical
replacement"; it's enough to lure people into downloading the new one,
e.g. by bumping the version number)

deken is not really meant for such use cases at all.

however, other package management systems do provide means to track ABI
changes in libraries. e.g. "apt", the Debian package manager.
so if you have the option to use the Debian packages, please use them.
all these problems will be gone!


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