[PD] [PD-announce] PuREST JSON 1.4.2 "Argo in shipyard" released

Thomas Mayer thomas at residuum.org
Wed Oct 18 16:45:35 CEST 2017


IOhannes m zmoelnig schrieb am 18.10.2017 12:36:

>> Le 17/10/2017 à 23:03, Thomas Mayer a écrit :
>>>> Oops, yes, that is the source of the problem. The package is
>>>> called libjson-c2.
>>> And in current distributions it is superseded by libjson-c3.
> hmm, this is inaccurate, or at least it misses some information.
> the package has been renamed not because the maintainers thought it was
> a fun thing to do, but because newer versions of json-c have broken ABI
> (so you cannot use an application that was linked against libjson-c2
> with the new libjson-c3, simply because the new one is missing some
> symbols).
> this also means that if you have a PuREST JSON linked against the old
> libjson-c2, it cannot be used with the libjson-c3 package. or vice versa.

Some additional information: The deken package has been built on Travis, i.e. Ubuntu 14.04:


Since OP has compiled Pd and Gem himself, maybe compiling PuREST JSON would be the best option, just have a look at the instructions at:


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