[PD] data structures arrays and Control / Shift keys

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Fri Oct 20 13:36:53 CEST 2017

Hi, it is documented, but I don't remember where. Just for arrays, afaik.
Also you can write values directly into drawtext fields, etc.

> Playing around with data-structures today, I discovered some unexpected  
> features. It seems that the Control and Shift >keys change the behavior  
> of how the mouse interacts with data structure arrays. I'm not sure I  
> fully understand it yet, but >from what I can work out:
> 1. Holding down the Shift key and clicking on a point moves that point  
> and every further point on the same array.
> 2. Holding down the Control key and clicking on a point creates a new  
> point in that array.
> For an example, go to 4.data.structures --> 11.array.controls.pd. Try  
> clicking on the red data structure at the top of the >"data11"  
> sub-window with the Control and Shift keys pressed.
> Is this behavior documented anywhere? I'd like to get a better handle on  
> it, as it might prove useful.
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