[PD] which pix_opencv to select in Deken?

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Tue Oct 31 13:45:06 CET 2017

* Benjamin ~ b01 <benjah at free.fr> [2017-10-31 12:48]:
> > Is anyone else able to compile/load pix_opencv with Gem 0.93.3 on 64bit
> > Debian testing?
> well, yesterday, I compiled pix_opencv following the instructions here
> https://github.com/avilleret/pix_opencv/wiki on a fresh debian 9 64 bits
> (so not testing ...)
Thank you Benjamin, this is good to know!

> with Pd and Gem (0.93.3) coming from the debian repository
So that might then be package versions Pd 0.47.1-3 and Gem 1:0.93.3-10+b3

> It worked well except while trying to compile / use the additional
> facetracking lib which produce a segfault

Could you let me know which opencv libraries you have installed on that
machine, for example by posting the output of the command
	aptitude search opencv | grep ^i

Thank you again!

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