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Valerio Velardo valerio at melodrive.com
Mon Nov 6 17:00:24 CET 2017

Hi All,

I'm the CEO and co-founder of Melodrive <http://melodrive.com/>, a Berlin 
based music tech startup. We're developing a music engine that uses 
Artificial Intelligence to create adaptive music in realtime. Our AI system 
empowers people - no matter their musical knowledge - to create immersive 
soundtrack simply and quickly.

This technology has applications across all of digital media, with a 
specific focus on interactive experiences like video games, Virtual 
Reality, and Augmented Reality.

We're a team of experts in Music & AI–with two PhDs and one Master's degree 
between the 3 co-founders. Our collective experience in music informatics, 
AI and composition is over 3 decades, and our work has won awards in both 
academia and industry.
We're looking to hire a creative sound designer full time. Below is a job 
description. If you think you're the right candidate and would like to know 
more about the position, drop me a private email and we can schedule a 
Skype call.

Many thanks!




Sound Designer



- Design soft-synth and sample-based instruments, effects and mastering 
chains for a range of musical styles (e.g., EDM, jazz and orchestral) 

- Liaise with audio programmers in the audio team to help build audio 
engine and tools

- Liaise with the music team to help define instruments and models

- Create tutorials and training materials 

- Produce musical samples using Melodrive



- Experience creating instruments (soft-synth and sample-based), effects, 
and masters

- Experience with VSTs, samplers, and DAWs

- Basic grasp of music theory and music composition

- Good writing skills



- Basic understanding of DSP and audio programming

- Working knowledge of Pure Data and/or JUCE audio engine

- Able to create and edit video 

- Previous experience in a startup



- Love to learn and experiment with new (music) tech 

- Resilient and adaptive to change

- Team player

- Excellent communicator



Negotiable based on experience


Best wishes,

[image: v.gif]

Valerio Velardo, PhD

Co-founder & CEO, 

Melodrive <http://www.melodrive.com>

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