[PD] Win10: pix_image does not find files in folders with Umlaut

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Thu Nov 9 11:10:38 CET 2017

Umlaut is not accepted by Pd.
Some objects can even crash Pd as far as I remember from a long time ago ...
Rename your folders.


> Bug, I would like to know if someone else can reproduce the following error.
> I create a directory namend "folder" that holds a patch
> 	image.pd
> consisting of a render graph with a [pix_image rockstar.jpg] object etc.
> and an image file
> 	rockstar.jpg
> in the same directory. It loads fine, unless the folder name is changed to
> contain an umlaut such as in "f lder".
> Then the following error message is posted:
> GEM: recordQT: error -50 in FSMakeFSSpec()
> GemImageLoad: Unable to find file: C:/Users/rockstar/Desktop/f
> lder/rockstar.jpg
> parID : 150470656
> [pix_image]: loading of 'C:/Users/rockstar/Desktop/f lder/quinn.jpg' failed
> This is on Windows 10 Enterprise 10.0.14393 and it would be nice to know if
> other Pd objects and other Windows versions are affected too before
> reporting it as bug.

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