[PD] blinkenlights player without rendering in window

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Sat Nov 11 09:59:53 CET 2017

(CCing the list to keep the thread within)

* Markus Brandt <2brandt63 at gmail.com> [2017-11-10 22:15]:
> convert your ..blm files into .mov and do it in gem. whatever you need
> zmoelnig offers it. since decades.
> please rtfm. your descrition of needs is a little bit
I am afraid my question was about something different. I am not trying
to render sth into a movie, nor display a movie. I am trying to read a
.blm file and get the pixel data from it as pd messages so that I can
light up anything (eg. graphical bang objects) as pixels.

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