[PD] Use Alsa while other devices are using alsa?

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Mon Nov 13 18:13:40 CET 2017

On 13.11.2017 17:50, Peter P. wrote:
> Hi list,
> on my Debian system I can easily launch two instances of the mplayer
> media player or audacity which will then send their audio to alsa and to
> the same soundcard without blocking each other. When I try to do the
> same with Pd I do get the well known 
> "ALSA output error (snd_pcm_open): Device or resource busy"
> Why are some programs capable of using alsa together with other programs
> and Pd not?
> Thank you for all explanations, I am most looking forward to
> understanding this topic better.
it's whether you use the dmix plugin as described here:

when you hook up your "default" device to dmix, applications that "work"
together connect to the dmix plugin and can thus "play along" each other.

pd does not use the default device, but the hardware directly (i think)

hope that helps ... cheers,

> cheers,
> P
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