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Tue Nov 14 23:10:40 CET 2017

Hi there ,

I've noticed some strange behavior using Purr Data on macOs Sierra 10.12.5  (tested on purr data 2.4.2 and 2.4.3).

After I first open the application, whatever I try to do first doesn’t seem to display.

For example, if I press command + n , nothing happens. But if i press it again, a new window appears. The window is titled ‘Untitled-2’ so I assume the first attempt registered and ’Untitled-1’ exists somewhere but is not visible

Or if after first opening the application I go Help -> about pd-l2ork, nothing happens but if I open it again i get the error ‘template pd-cat: warning: already exists’

so it seems like it is opening in the background somewhere but the window is not displaying?

This only happens if it's the very first thing I do. Even if I toggle the dsp a few times before I try to open a file then I don’t experience this problem.

Is anyone else experiencing this ?


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