[PD] array/[table] vs [array] curiosity

Alex x37v.alex at gmail.com
Thu Nov 23 18:34:23 CET 2017

Some friends and I were preparing to teach a workshop a few weeks ago and
while looking through the [table] help file we saw:

[array]: (newer and better replacement for "table")

which inspired some questions..

Basically: is [array] simply a nicer wrapper for an "array" (menu: put ->
array) or is the underlying data structure different?

I see if you create an object [array define] you get an object that opens a
window on click, subpatch style, into a visualization of that array, but
inside that window you can't edit properties (though maybe that is a bug
because when I go to properties I get a message: "array: no method for
'done-popup'" in the main window).

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