[PD] 0.47.1 tcl issue

Matt Davey hard.off at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 12:00:14 CET 2017

awesome!  thanks a lot Dan.

i got my TCL version by copying this into terminal:

echo 'puts [info patchlevel];exit 0' | tclsh

Even with the latest version of osx 10.13, downloaded last night, it still
comes up as using 8.5.9, so the framework folder probably does need to be
copied over.
Your bullet point instructions were for copying the stuff from 0.47 to
0.48, but seems it should be opposite to that, as per your original
So, here are the steps i followed, and it seems to work well as 0.47-1
always did for me before.

* close both apps (if open)
* right click on both apps and choose "Show Package Contents"
* copy the Contents/MacOS/Pd launcher from Pd-0.48-0.app into the Contents
folder in Pd-0.47-1.app.
* copy the Contents/Frameworks folder from Pd-0.48-0.app into the Contents
folder in Pd-0.47-1.app.
* open Pd-0.47-1.app

anyway, seems this is just a temporary measure until 0.48-1 gets a proper

thanks guys.  now i can get back to work ;)
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