[PD] Force cyclone/gate instead of iemlib1/gate

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Mon Dec 4 15:41:20 CET 2017

Christof Ressi wrote:
>> True, but there are also exceptions, like in cyclone,
> and then there are oddities like iemlib being traditionally split into iemlib1 and iemlib2 - for whatever reason... :-)

if this is a suggestion to join them into one IEMLIB library:

here's my +1 !


while we're at it:

what about objects that have the same name on different libraries ?

here's an example of a minor issue i ran into recently:

VANILLA, IEMLIB AND ZEXY all have an object called [wrap]

while the IEMLIB and VANILLA [wrap] seem to do the same, ZEXY's [wrap] 
works very different and also has a second inlet.

now, once i load the ZEXY library, there's no way to call VANILLA's 
[wrap] anymore, it will always be ZEXY's version.

plus: if an object is part of a library and not a single .dll (speaking 
for windows), it's not possible to call it explicitly on object creation.

(i.e. [zexy/list2symbol] can't be created,
i have to declare ZEXY as a library first)



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