[PD] pd 0.48-0 installation problem on Win10

Raphaël Ilias phae.ilias at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 18:32:32 CET 2017

Hello !

I am trying to install pd 0.48-0 (vanilla) for a workshop on a bunch of
computers running Windows 10 Professional
* yes, here begin the problems*

I tried to install and run both with and without Administrator
privileges... the installer does its job fine but when everytime I try to
run puredata, it shows the following error message :

can't read "filename": no such variable
   while executing
"if {$filename ne "localhost" || [catch {set pd_socket [socket
$port]}]} {
        puts stderr "WARNING: connect to pd failed, retrying p..."
   (procedure "::pd_connect::to_pd" line 5)
   invoked from within
"::pd_connect::to_pd $::port $::host"
   (procedure "main" line 18)
   invoked from within
"main $::argc $::argv"
   (file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Pd\tcl\pd-gui.tcl" line 785)

(i had to type it manually so there might be some typos)

as far as I can understand, it looks like there's a problem around the
local networking between pd and pdgui... but I don't know where to
investigate further.
No firewall involved, apparently...

If any has encountered similar error, or have any clue about where to
search the problem...

that would be very helpful and appreciated



Raphaël Ilias
*     phae.fr <http://phae.fr>*
     17 places des Halles - Ingrandes
     49123 Ingrandes Le Fresne s/ Loire
     phae.ilias at gmail.com / +33 (0) 6 04 45 79 78
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