[PD] Do I need 2 Gem/PD instances for this application

Jim Ruxton jim.ruxton at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 18:51:15 CET 2017

I want to use Gem to capture still frames from a video stream. I was 
going to use pix_write . At the same time I want to turn those still 
frames into a movie and output them in a Gem window. Since pix_write 
captures the rendered output I assume I need 1 PD instance for the 
capture and 1 PD instance for the output. Related to this  should I use 
pix_multiimage to output the frames or use a script to continually 
create a movie then use pix_film?  In other words the output movie will 
continuously get longer as frames are captured from the video stream. I 
know I will need to allow time for loading, saving etc.

Thanks for any advice before I tackle this. I am using Linux.


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