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I'm well aware of it and haven't been able to figure it out. It seems to be another detail that comes with the Cocoa backend to Tk 8.5+. The second thing is that Pd windows *always* open above everything else. This was also not the case with Tk 8.4. Oh well... I suppose that's better than not bing able to run Pd at all on 10.13 and I'm, not sure I have another *week* to track it down right now.

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> Hi list,
> Sorry if this has already been brought up somewhere and I couldn't
> find it… Since 0.48-0 I'm having a weird behavior with the scroll
> bars. As soon as I resize a window, the scroll bars show up even
> though the window is bigger than the patch. The only way to make them
> disappear again is to either a) click the title bar and drag the
> window somewhere else on the screen or b) select all objects in the
> patch and move them in any direction. After having done either one of
> these once, the window and the scroll bars behave normally again.
> Anyone else experiences that?
> I'm on mac OS 10.13.2
> best
> Martin

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