[PD] Invitation to join study on digital musical instrument design

Jack Armitage jack at jackarmitage.com
Wed Jan 3 14:04:11 CET 2018

*Invitation to join study on digital musical instrument design*

*(Apologies for cross-posting)*

You are invited to join a fun study on digital musical instrument design,
run by the Augmented Instruments Lab in London, UK (

In the study you will be asked to collaborate in a small group on the
design of a digital musical instrument, called the Unfinished Instrument.

As its name suggests, the Unfinished Instrument seeks your design
intervention to determine how it should play and sound.

The design session will last for one hour and you will be compensated £10
for your time.

Participants should have experience making or playing digital musical
instruments, and some familiarity with Max/MSP, *PureData*, or equivalent
sound and music computing environment.

Please fill in this form to indicate your availability and experience:
bit.ly/unfinishedinstrument. Sessions will take place at Queen Mary
University of London between Tuesday 9th and Saturday 20th January.

If you have any questions please contact Jack Armitage at
j.d.k.armitage at qmul.ac.uk.

Feel free to share this study invitation with friends and colleagues:

Jack Armitage

+44 7989 348 377 <+447989348377>
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