[PD] pd-0.48.1 trouble getting started

David Medine dmedine at ucsd.edu
Tue Jan 9 06:37:56 CET 2018

This may have already been addressed and in my tendency to ignore pd 
list traffic I missed the explanation, but here is what is going on.

I am running a fairly fresh install of Fedora 26. I downloaded the 
source to Pd, installed alsa-lib-devel and tk (for wish), then built pd 
using makefile.gnu. Everything works when I start pd without super user 
privileges, except priority 92 scheduling is denied me. When I start pd 
using sudo, pd doesn't start and I get the following errors on the 
command prompt:

 >> sudo ./pd
No protocol specified
No protocol specified
application-specific initialization failed: couldn't connect to display 

These messages are not particularly helpful for me. Anybody know what is 



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