[PD] Windows test builds

Lucas Cordiviola lucarda27 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 12 21:33:48 CET 2018

Only to compile them with the Msys2 64bit shell.

ATM i'm about to suggest to the pd-lib-builder devs to include the "-static" flag on certain lines so as there's no need to ship pthread implementations. One of those cases as you know is cyclone/coll.

I've tested it on w32 and is working fine. So for your cyclone there's no need to include the 2 suporting pthread and libgccc DLLs.

I will suggest this to the pd-lib-builder DEVS as ALL w32 externals need to be compiled for w64.


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On 1/12/2018 4:44 PM, Alexandre Torres Porres wrote:
2018-01-12 16:25 GMT-02:00 Lucas Cordiviola <lucarda27 at hotmail.com<mailto:lucarda27 at hotmail.com>>:

We can't load any external as for windows they are all 32-bit.

what would it take to build externals for windows 64 bits?

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