[PD] resizing object in abstraction+subpatch 0.48.1 weirdness - anybody else?

Claude Heiland-Allen claude at mathr.co.uk
Sun Jan 21 14:30:19 CET 2018

Hi Derek,

On 2018-01-21 12:30, Derek Kwan wrote:
> I've been making abstractions and putting subpatches in abstractions 
> and
> then resizing the subpatch as it appears in the abstraction (meaning 
> the
> [pd subpatch] box) to make it wider and then saving the abstraction. I
> can't point to any consistent behavior, but at times when I reopen the
> abstraction after saving I'm seeing the [pd subpatch] object at its
> normal width and something in the subpatch possibly taking on the
> resized width that I wanted for the [pd subpatch] object (even message 
> boxes).

It's not just you, as it's already been reported:

#1306 subpatch object width moves to last created object in subpatch


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