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Since Pd is largely single-threaded, I don't think the number of cores makes a difference to Pd unless you're using the [pd~] object. Either cpu will be fine, I'm sure.

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> Dear PD-brain,
> Wondering if I can ask your collective advice on something:
> My old laptop finally died after 9 joyful years, and it's time to get a new one.
> There are several options within my budget, and they differ in terms of the multicore processors (i5 vs. i7).
> Since PD is the main software I use for digital music, I was wondering whether there are any preferences or considerations regarding multiple cores? And in general, what should be the priorities?
> I will be working on Windows, and I typically use quite a lot of FFT, even several processes in parallel, for various spectral/cepstral stuff in my work. My main patches use assorted GUIs for controlling all this traffic. Also: ambisonics (tho they're fairly cheap in cpu, no?)
> Any thoughts? I am admittedly somewhat out of touch with the current state of technology...
> Thanks in advance everyone,
> Zax

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