[PD] [PD-announce] Camomile v1.0.1 - An audio plugin with Pure Data embedded

Pierre Guillot guillotpierre6 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 11:20:45 CET 2018


I'm pleased to announce that the brand new *Camomile *release (1.0.1) is

Camomile is a plugin with Pure Data embedded that offers to load and to
control patches inside a digital audio workstation. The plugin is available
in the VST2, VST3 and Audio Unit formats for Linux, Windows and MacOS.
Download and information on the website:

Please, read carefully the documentation. Feedback are more than welcome! For
feature request and bug report, please use the issue section in the Github
repository if you can: https://github.com/pierreguillot/camomile/issues.

An overview of the main changes:

   - Use libpd instead of my personal wrapper.
   - Use TLS approach of Pd to manage thread concurrency issues.
   - Use a text file to define the properties of the plugins.
   - Generate plugins with the patches included.
   - Separate the GUI and the parameters' definitions.


   - Fix thread concurrency issue that occurred when selecting a program
   - Fix stack overflow issue due to concurrent access to the Pd's stack
   counter (#69).
   - Update documentation for VST2/VST3/AU generation on MacOS to display
   the name of the plugins in Ableton (#75).
   - Improve the whole documentation (#72) and start "How to Create
   Patches" (#73).
   - Add more warning when there are extra arguments in parameters' methods.
   - Add support for "openpanel" and "savepanel" methods.
   - Update examples Bulgroz, AlmondOrgan, Castafiore, MiniMock.
   - Start/Add support for patch description in the text file (#74).
   - Start/Add support for patch credits in the text file (#74).

Further information on the previous versions and the changes on this topic
. And here is the link to topic of the pd forum:

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