[PD] [solved] glitches when streaming UDP

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 22:14:54 CET 2018

> On Die, 2018-01-30 at 16:38 +0100, Dan Wilcox wrote:
>> >  It might be a scheduling issue with the kernel, realtime settings,
> > crappy networking driver, etc. 

I'm talking as an outside observer of a black box with limited
understanding what's going on inside the box, so please bear with me
when I'm talking bullshit. 

It seems I simply need to keep the CPU busy with something like:

yes > /dev/null &

I need to run this four times, because I have four cores. The CPU goes
hot, the fan makes noise, but Pd is glitch-free ;-)

Interestingly, setting CPU scaling governor to performance is not
enough for Pd (it is for other applications, though). When doing that
for each core, they all run at maximum speed. However, it doesn't help
with making Pd glitch free. I really have to put some load on them. 

This confirms what I suspected for while now: The advanced power saving
features of modern CPUs don't really help for realtime audio. 

I wonder what softwares like Ardour do differently to not fall victim
of aggressive power saving. 

Having a constantly running fan is also not an ideal situation. I don't
care about increased power consumption at this point.  Maybe there is a
less invasive way to keep the CPU busy?


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