[PD] 64 bit windows test build for Pd

Thomas Mayer thomas at residuum.org
Fri Feb 2 22:45:02 CET 2018


On 30.01.2018 21:40, Miller Puckette wrote:
> Thanks to iohannes Zmoelnig, Dan Wilcox, and Spacechild1, it's now possible to
> compile Pd as a 64-bit windows native application.  I'm hoping this will fix
> the recent trouble arising from new ASIO devices not showing up in 32-bit Pd
> versions.
> The new one's available on the usual page: http://msp.ucsd.edu/software.html
> Beware that (as we've already gone through for Mac and linuz) 32-bit externs
> won't load into 64-bit Pd - you'll need to make or find 64-bit compiled
> versions of them

I have made a test build of PuREST JSON for 64 bit Windows with MXE
cross compilation, and the resulting binaries are loading and working:


Side note: ia64 used to be the Itanium architecture e.g. in Debian, 64
bit is usually called x64 or x86-64 or amd64 (in Debian). What should
the architecture be called for deken uploads? As you can see, the build
scripts currently uses (Windows-x86_64-64) for the package.

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