[PD] sensing whether a window is active

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Tue Feb 13 21:24:18 CET 2018

2018-02-05 16:50 GMT-02:00 Liam Goodacre <liamg_uw at hotmail.com>:

> You're the greatest, Alex! If it works, this will fix a long standing bug
> in Context, and you'll be a hero.
> If you're making a new object, you might want to consider that the Cyclone
> object reports 0 ("inactive") whenever you right click on the patch. I
> don't know if this is a bug, but it would seem more desirable to me if the
> object ignored right clicks and only reported whether or not the window is
> active.

I don't understand this. With [cyclone/active], right clicking on an active
patch doesn't report 0 for me... if it does for you, then it's a bug I
guess, please open an issue for cyclone and we'll look into that.

Now, if you mean that if you right click on a patch window that isn't
active, is not that it reports "0", it doesn't report anything, because
doing that does not make that patch window active. But then this is Pd's
business, that's how it rolls, so I don't see how to deal with that unless
pd handles it itself.

Anyway, I got a new object in else: [window] (it's already up in else's
repository). It seems to do what both of you want. I'll schedule a new
release soon, immediately after we release a cyclone update next week.

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