[PD] HOAlib in 0.48-1 not working/recognized

jlistshit jlistshit at kliklak.net
Fri Feb 16 15:08:59 CET 2018

Hello everyone, i only switched from 0.47-1 to 0.48-1 yesterday (on OSX 10.9.5) and can not seem to make HOAlib and Cream running.

Is there anything substantial to path recognition or file registering, which might have changed in the meantime?

Hoalib is v 2.2 including the cream lib, that came with the install, and plus the recommended v2.2 additional patches installed as well.

Objects inserted in patch appear to dashed, although Pd window states success messages such as "/Library/Pd/Cream/Cream.pd_darwin and succeeded” etc.

In 0.47.1 this install worked with bith the 32 and 64 bit version, is there an issue now with 0.48-1.

Thanx for any pointers to solution!

- - -

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