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Briefly about Piksel and Piksel Studio
Piksel is a network of artists and an annual media art festival based
in Bergen(NO), which focuses on the relationship between art and free
technologies, arranged for the first time in 2003.

Piksel Studio 207 is Piksel’s new project in Bergen. Piksel Studio 207
is established in a 130 m2 room where we will create an annual program
for artists, children and young people, cultural institutions and the
general public.

In 2018, Piksel Studio plans to make up to 5 exhibitions selected from
this open call. Each exhibition will take a maximun of a month, one
week to setup and 3 weeks to exhibit. Formats are open and further
discussions can be taken.

Piksel Studio is currently seeking for artists, curators and
organizations to use the space as an exhibition space, workshop room or
performative space. The projects can be of any format that fits the

The works must be realized by the use of free and open source
technologies. We specially encourage projects in the field of DIY
Bioart, renewable/sustainable technologies, DIY and open hardware,
audiovisual software tools or software art released under a free/open
license. (Also includes presentations of artistic projects realized
using free/open technologies.)

Piksel offers the space, the communication skills, the technical
production equipment and support within the actual resources. The
selected projects must provide their own fundings in case extra
production costs are needed (travel, accommodation, per diems etc.).
Piksel can assist to seek for external fundings in specific projects.

The selection will be done in a first come first served process. We will
be selecting projects as they come and the call is open till 1st of

To submit a project please send an email to piksel18 at piksel.no with the
subject Piksel Studio Exhibition. The email should include the name of
the project, description, bio and cv of the people involved, technical
needs and fundings possibilities.

more info: www.piksel.no

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