[PD] Tcl-tk plugin to avoid paste going to edit mode

João Pais jmmmpais at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 00:49:47 CET 2018

thanks, option 1 worked.

Option 1 is easier:
> # this is the default in pd_bindings.tcl
> bind all <$::modifier-Key-v>      {menu_send %W paste}
> # disabled
> bind all <$::modifier-Key-v>      {break}
> Option 2 requires either overriding ::pd_menucommands::menu_send and
> intercepting the paste message or changing the paste handling in the core,
> I think.
> Option 3: Maybe flatgui/entry shouldn't always go into edit mode (a bug)
> or at least have some way to control it's behavior (a feature)?

It doesn't offer those options, and I imagine that it won't be further
developed. For the current context, it will work.
Btw, the results of this patch will be presented in Berlin in 8/03:


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