[PD] [PD-announce] ofelia v1.0.4: Pd external library written with openFrameworks

Zack Lee cuinjune at gmail.com
Tue Feb 20 21:01:19 CET 2018

Hi, I'm happy to announce my Pd external library, ofelia.

ofelia is an external library written with openFrameworks and influenced by
GEM for creating cross-platform multimedia applications.

The library consists of over 400 objects covering most features of
openFrameworks core API, designed to ease the development of multimedia
applications such as visual arts, musical apps and interactive games.

The library includes the following features:

   - interactive output window
   - various getters and event listeners
   - 2d/3d shapes drawing
   - image and font loading
   - camera, lighting, material
   - framebuffer object
   - various data types (vec3f, color..)
   - various utilities to speed up development (new expr, counter..)
   - bandlimited oscillators and resonant filters

The library is currently available to be used under macOS, Linux(64bit) and
Windows. It will also be available on Raspberry Pi soon.

You can download and install it by searching "ofelia" in 'Help -> Find
externals' then add "ofelia" to 'Preferences -> Startup -> New' in Pd.
There are some basic example patches you can try inside 'ofelia/examples'
ofelia works with vanilla Pd-0.48-1 and other versions of Pd may not work.

The patch made with ofelia can be converted to a standalone application for
macOS, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android without having to write any further
code. (Thanks to ofxPd) You just need to install some required tools to
compile it on your desktop.
For more information, please visit https://github.com/cuinjune/ofxOfelia

Any feedback is welcomed, hope you like it. :)
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