[PD] [PD-announce] Cyclone 0.3 beta 3 released!

Alexandre Torres Porres porres at gmail.com
Wed Feb 21 06:04:42 CET 2018

Hi, and here it is:

This release doesn't work on Pure Data Extended or Purr Data and needs ate
least Pd 0.48-1

But we still need help compiling for other systems, like Windows, Rasberry
Pi, and Linux 32 bits... anyone? As soon as we have them all, we'll upload
them to Deken.

Release notes: This release on february 21st 2018 marks the exact 2nd year
anniversary of this repository, under the maintenance of Alexandre Porres,
Derek Kwan and Matt Barber. The main goal is to update all cyclone objects
from Max 4.0 to 7.3.4 (the current release). We are almost done with it and
have mostly [zl] remaining for that objective! We also fixed numerous bugs,
created new objects and are rewriting the whole documentation. More
precisely, we have:

- 61 updated objects
- 63 fixed objects (including objects that were updated, will be updated
and did not need updates) - 48 new objects

Not much else on the To Do list now, maybe still a couple more beta
versions before the final release and hopefully this will be done in yet
another year or so ;)

Other info about cyclone can be found here:

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