[PD] netsend/netreceive with -nogui

Peter P. peterparker at fastmail.com
Fri Feb 23 21:43:16 CET 2018

* Federico Camara Halac <camarafede at gmail.com> [2018-02-23 18:43]:
> > So you should first run "killall pd" (and even killall -9 pd when it's
> > stuck), before running you command.
> >
> Thanks! You are correct that a pd process with the netreceive is still
> running.
> (fun fact, for me at least: When running it from a new terminal, the new
> netsend started printing on the previous terminal)
> Now I tried it on a different mac. I was on macOS 10.9, now on 10.11.6
> (same pd)
> On first run, connection is established and patch works as expected, which
> is puzzling.
> On second run (after effectively running killall pd, or killall -9 pd):
>   connecting stream socket: Connection refused (61)

Fede, can you confirm that no other Pd instance is running before you
start your second instance?

I remember issues with the operating system leaving a port open and thus
reserving it for a longer while than the application (Pd in this case)
requests it. You could try to use a patch with a different port number
when you start it the second time and see if that works.

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