[PD] Text projection in real time

Jack jack at rybn.org
Wed Feb 28 23:03:28 CET 2018

Hello João,

Le 28/02/2018 à 19:31, João Pais a écrit :
> Hello list,
> I was looking on the best way to display some texts which will be
> produced/improvised in realtime. These will be acessible either as a
> list, OSC, or on a file.
> I tried gem's 2dtext and [flatgui/entry], but they both don't work that
> well, as some or all of the following aren't possible:

You mean [text2d] for the Gem object... In term of performance, I prefer
to use [text3d]... depending of what you need.

> - centered text
> - some texts are long, so the paragraphs have to break at the end of a word
> - black background, white font - font and size will be chosen later
> - fullscreen on a 2nd screen (to be projected)

Everything here is doable with [text2d]/[text3d].

> I imagine the word sliptting and text centering can be calculated in Pd
> so that Gem displays it correctly, but I'm not sure I'll have the time
> for it. So trying another solution such as coordinating with Processing
> or similar would be an option, in case it's easier to implement.

Centering text is by default with [text2d]/[text3d]. You can change this
with the message "justify".
To cut a sentence after a word when a certain amount of letter is
present is not very difficult using [list fromsymbol], [list prepend
10], [list prepend string]/[list trim] (for text2d]/[text3d]).

You can even change line spacing with the message "linedist" on recent Gem.


> Are there any suggestions on how to tackle this?
> Best,
> jmmmp
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