[PD] clone object - dynamically change number of instances?

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Tue Mar 6 10:32:08 CET 2018

Hi all,
if it's not for conceptual reasons or for a very small memory footprint, a possible take would be to switch off DSP processing for superfluous voices using a switch~ object within the loaded abstraction.
best, Thomas

> Am 06.03.2018 um 09:59 schrieb oliver <oliver at klingt.org>:
> hans w. koch wrote:
>> hello list,
>> hello miller,
>> is there any known way to dynamically change the number of instances associated with a clone object, e.g. via message?
>> i know, the dsp graph would need to be rebulit, but for a project i am contemplating that would be less of a concern.
> hi, hans !
> you are aware of the "messages to PD" examples ?
> afaict they are not mentioned in the latest official PD release, but i attached one exmaple from PD-extended, that's still valid and documenting this feature. this way you can easily change the instances of a clone object, simply by deleting it and creating a new one with the right arguments.
> if you put your clone object as a single item into a subpatch, it's just a "clear" message and a "obj ... " message to the subpatch.
> coming from MAX/MSP (where this object is called [poly~]), my experience is that assigning a new number of voices via a message does pretty much the same thing: it clears all former instances and reloads the new instances, all loadbang messages sent anew, no values are kept.
> so i guess (while i too would appreciate a "voices" message for [clone]) in the end the result would probably be pretty much the same.
> but mind you, this is no in-depth knowledge, just personal experience
> best
> oliver
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