[PD] bigger inlet/outlet size in 0.48.1 ...

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Thu Mar 15 15:22:54 CET 2018

  >     hi,
>     this is on windows 7 / 64bit, PD 0.48.1
>     after updating from 0.48.0 to 0.48.1, the thickness of all object
>     and message inlets/outlets has increased by 1 pixel (see attached
>     image).
>     this may not sound like much, but when opening heavy patches it gets
>     very irritating on the eye.
> how so? what do you mean?

well, like you can see on the attached .jpg, it's not that big a 
difference in a small patch like the [bang] helppatch.

but it makes a lot more "black bars" in any patch window now, which is 
ugly to watch and quite confusing when patches have lots of objects and 
connections (which they sometimes do, no matter how well tied up ...)

what's more: also the main windows font "courier" seems to look a little 
different than before (especially visible on bigger fontsizes like 16). 
which i wouldn't mind that much, but the bigger inlet sizes are hard on 
my eye.

in any case, i didn't find anything on the list concerning this issue, so:

has really nobody else experienced this ?
is this just happening on my machine ?
or is this a supposed to be a "new PD look" ?

as i said: this change was introduced in PD 0.48.1 (windows 7)

thanks for any clarifications

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