[PD] reporting the dimensions of a symbol / float atom

Dan Wilcox danomatika at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 12:31:14 CET 2018

That comes from the Pd-extended metrics which uses slightly tighter desired character sizes when finding the font sized to fit the desired sizing. It should take into account for differences in a pixel or two between platforms and both the original testing with Pd-extended, I believe, and our recent work was based on getting things to render *close* to the same size and layout across platforms using the same font.

My earlier mail was about the default padding around the text being increased slightly on the top to account for the inlet height, but that's related to the computed font size.

If anyone wants to suggest fixes too he font sizing algorithm, start by looking into the metrics and related font procedures in pd-gui.tcl.

>  Dan Wilcox wrote:
>> The atoms are slightly taller due to the increase in inlet height to
>> match Pd-extended's sizing.
> on my windows 10 it's the opposite;
> the new one is smaller.
> hereby i re-send the picture in which the new object box is upon the 
> older one.

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