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Bruno Rohde brunorohde at gmail.com
Wed May 9 20:08:24 CEST 2018

Hello friends,

I introduce you to [ARRAST_VJ], a tool for live video mixing and mapping
(with audio) developed with Pd Vanilla + GEM.

[ARRAST_VJ] was developed in the Linux operating system, in which all
features work. Mac OS computers running GEM also run the full version. For
Windows users, a "Light" version was created, without audio and with other
small differences.

Finally we have completed the translation of the manual and patch comments
into English. The patch was released in Brazil in 2017 with documentation
in Portuguese.

You can find downloads and complete information about the project on the
site, including video tutorials (in Portuguese) and other records.

This work was only possible thanks to the efforts of many people in this
community, I am very grateful to all, and I hope to continue contributing
for many years.

Doubts and comments are welcome here or on our channels on facebook,
instagram, youtube, gmail (links on the site).

I hope it's useful to you!




Bruno Faria Rohde
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