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Bruno Rohde brunorohde at gmail.com
Thu May 10 20:39:46 CEST 2018

Hello Oliver!

Thank you very much for the encouragement.

The reason for the Light version not to play audio is that audio and video
playback needs to be performed on 2 instances of the Pd so as not to
generate audio clicks as it does in the full version. At the time of
development, the object [pd~], used to manage the two instances and their
communication, presented a serious problem in Windows, because it was not
possible to run a patch located in a path with spaces in the name, and this
is standard in Windows (ex: C:/Program Files/). If I am not mistaken, in
version 0.48.1 of Pd this issue of [pd~] has been solved, but I have not
tested it yet. The other point was mentioned by you: Gem's [pix_share]
object does not work on Windows, and it is fundamental in the current
design of [ARRAST_VJ] with respect to the use of the camera, which has its
image shared between the two instances through of [pix_share]. The choice
made under these conditions was to create a version (Light) of [ARRAST_VJ]
that runs using only 1 instance of Pd, consequently without audio and
without the preview window. If [pd~] is indeed working equally on all
systems, it will be a further step towards a single version for
[ARRAST_VJ], which will also allow audio in WIndows.

As soon as I have time, I'll run new tests on Windows. I'm excited about
your account of having managed to run the full version on Windows. By the
way, what version of Windows and Pd are you using?


2018-05-10 13:15 GMT-03:00 oliver <oliver at klingt.org>:

> Bruno Rohde wrote:
>> Hello friends,
>> I introduce you to [ARRAST_VJ], a tool for live video mixing and mapping
>> (with audio) developed with Pd Vanilla + GEM.
>> [ARRAST_VJ] was developed in the Linux operating system, in which all
>> features work. Mac OS computers running GEM also run the full version. For
>> Windows users, a "Light" version was created, without audio and with other
>> small differences.
> hi, bruno !
> absolutely fantastic piece of work ! just tried it on windows and linux,
> everything works as expected ! great !
> is there any reason the windows version doesn't officially support audio ?
> i gave the "full" version a try on my windows system anyway and it worked
> flawlessly with your test-video/audio !
> obviously the [pix_share] objects don't work (they don't work on win32 but
> that is stated in their helpfile)
> best
> oliver
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