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oliver oliver at klingt.org
Thu May 10 20:49:05 CEST 2018

Bruno Rohde wrote:

> The reason for the Light version not to play audio is that audio and 
> video playback needs to be performed on 2 instances of the Pd so as not 
> to generate audio clicks as it does in the full version. At the time of 
> development, the object [pd~], used to manage the two instances and 
> their communication, presented a serious problem in Windows, because it 
> was not possible to run a patch located in a path with spaces in the 
> name, and this is standard in Windows (ex: C:/Program Files/). If I am 
> not mistaken, in version 0.48.1 of Pd this issue of [pd~] has been 
> solved, but I have not tested it yet. 

makes sense, since when i'm on windows i always put PD as a standalone 
version (the .zip package, without installer) on a seperate partition 
and thus don't know about "space in names" issues ;-)

> As soon as I have time, I'll run new tests on Windows. I'm excited about 
> your account of having managed to run the full version on Windows. By 
> the way, what version of Windows and Pd are you using?

Win 7 / 64bit
PD 0.48.0
Gem 0.93.3

i also have a SSD in my laptop and i'm coming to believe that this is a 
crucial aspect considering Gem's and PD's performance.

so far i didn't have to use [pd~) to smoothly run audio AND video in the 
same instance of PD on my laptop (sometimes two HD movies and 3 
soundfiles read from disk simultaneously !). i did however encounter 
those problems on computers using conventional harddisks. just my 
personal observation ...

so, running audio and video in seperate threads is definitely the safer 
way to go



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