[PD] Using externals with libpd on Windows

Joe White white.joe4 at gmail.com
Fri May 11 19:21:59 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I recently spent a bit of time tracking down why a patch wasn't loading a
couple of externals in a windows application that embeds libpd.

The patch was using *vbap* [0] and *soundfile_info* from iemlib [1].

The issue I found was that the pre-built binaries that work in the window
version of the Pd authoring environment were linking against *pd.dll* (I'm
assuming from Pd/bin/) in order to correctly link against the plugin API
methods exposed in *m_pd.h*.

The solution I recently came to, though admittedly a bit of a hack, was to
generate a custom VS2017 dll project for both *vbap*, and *soundfile_info*,
include the relevant source files, and link against the compiled version of
libpd to resolve the missing symbols instead of the authoring libraries.

The downside of this approach is that the manually compiled externals will
no longer run in the Pd authoring environment, and it's not really
maintainable from a development perspective.

>From my days of making externals for macos, I don't think I ever had to
link against Pd, but just include *m_pd.h* and be done.

My question is whether this is usual behaviour when working with
externals/libpd on Windows or if I'm missing something somewhere?

Any perspective would be much appreciated!


[0] https://puredata.info/downloads/vbap
[1] https://git.iem.at/pd/iemlib
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