[PD] Tcl 8.4 /8.5 on mac-ppc

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed May 16 09:48:19 CEST 2018

On 2018-05-15 21:44, rolfm at dds.nl wrote:
> i had a look at that.
> the Pd-tree of the 'regular' mac version differs from the ppc one.
> it has a "frameworks" folder (with Tcl in it) that's not in the ppc one.
> furthermore, it's unclear for me what exactly is part of the embedded
> Wish implementation.
> i tried replacing the whole tcl folder, to no avail.

what does it do?

>> btw, you could also consider installing Debian on your ppc to get newer
>> software.
> nice try.
> my cooperation is with other people with old and new macs,
> for whom Linux is out of the question.

so they prefer to install new software on an operating system and on
hardware that have been actively unsupported by their OS vendor and
hardware manufacturer for about 10 years.
if you are going to compile Tcl/Tk yourself, let's hope your machine
already has xcode installed (because i'm pretty sure that you will not
be able to get any software from apple for your platform.)

that's what *i* would call a "nice try" :-)

(i very much applaud the use of old hardware; but if you want to run new
software on it, you probably shouldn't

>> i don't remember the details, but maybe kiosk-plugin doesn't *really*
>> require tcl/tk 8.5 (and just assumes it does).
>> you could try removing the version from kiosk-plugin.tcl:9 (so it only
>> reads `package require Tcl`), and see whether it bites back.
> i did that already. it bites back.

how so? (i cannot really test with 8.4).
i guess one could disable a few kiosk-mode features that require tcl8.5
(but then it's probably of little use to

> (i tried the suggestion of 'curl -insecure' but i needs an URL which i
> don't know)

just open the mac/tcltk-wish.sh script, search for "curl" and add the
"-insecure" switch to all (two) instances.
the alternative is to download the files on another machine an uncomment
the lines that try to downloading them on your ppc.

while you are hacking that script, you probably will also want to remove
all traces of the 10.6 sdk (or any other versioned sdk). since you are
building natively, these shouldn't be needed.


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