[PD] GEM & RPi

michael strohmann itsnotfair9 at gmail.com
Wed May 16 12:41:05 CEST 2018


the short question:
what would be the least resource intense method to display a 10min Countdown?
(need to listen to a trigger on netreceive)

the long version :

I am running pd and GEM on a RPi 3B+
i display a countdown with GEM and some “text2d” objects on 1920x1080
The RPi CPU meter says that it uses 24%, the RPi temperature is at around 65 degree.

as the thing should run 24/7 in an exhibition i am a bit concerned regarding the temperature.

i was trying to bring down the cpu load, yet without success.

i was using pix_image to display a new jpeg every second …. this used >90% cpu.
obviously it is difficult for pd or the rpi do disply jpegs ?

so back to openGL: i don/t understand why the cpu load doubles if the gemwin window is in foreground?
(as opposed to when the patcher window is in foreground…)

cheers & Thanks!!!

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