[PD] GEM & RPi

oliver oliver at klingt.org
Wed May 16 13:30:35 CEST 2018

hi, michael !

for a simple thing like a countdown, you could also try the gif objects 
that exist (all forks of ggee's [image]:

IEMGUI: [iem_image]
GGEE: [image]
TOF: [imagebang]

but i'm really not sure whether your preferred size 1920x1080 might be 
too much for the PI to carry.
i myself tried GEM some time ago on a PI but quickly gave up on 
displaying images/movies.
i guess there was no GL support whatsoever.
but that was on a PI2 and i don't know about the openGL status on newer 
raspbian versions.

and yes, OFELIA could indeed be an interesting option.

did you try to create the countdown graphics just with PD's GUI elements 



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