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I just checked and the current ActiveState 8.5 download for Mac OSX 10.5+ is unfortunately i386 and x86_64 only. I think if you find an earlier one, it should have ppc as well. One you install it, you basically need to find the Wish.app it comes with and use that to run the app and copy the stuff you need into it. You can do this manually and I suggest looking into the mac/osx-app.sh script to see what it does.

It's basically something along the lines of:

* rename Wish.app to Pd-##.app
* rename Pd-##.app/Contents/MacOS/Wish to Pd
* copy the bin, doc, tcl, etc folders into Pd-##.app/Contents/Resources
* fill in app data in PD-##.app/Contents/Info.plist

Or you can start the GUI manually with the 8.5 wish on the commandline using the pd-gui.tcl script, so something probably like

    wish8.5 /path/to/pd-gui.tcl

It won't pick up some of the meta information like the app icon, but then you wouldn't need to actually build a mac-style app, just install Tcl/Tk 8.5.

Sorry if it's not all spelled out for this situation. I wrote the scripts to make this all easier in general but yours is definably more of an edge case. If it were me, I would consider hacking the kiosk-plugin to work around the things that aren't support in Tk 8.4 aka "try" & "catch" here and there.

> On May 16, 2018, at 1:21 PM, Dan Wilcox <danomatika at gmail.com> wrote:
>> the Pd-tree of the 'regular' mac version differs from the ppc one.
>> it has a "frameworks" folder (with Tcl in it) that's not in the ppc one.
>> furthermore, it's unclear for me what exactly is part of the embedded 
>> Wish implementation.
>> i tried replacing the whole tcl folder, to no avail.
> Did you read the mac/README.txt? There really are "manuals" for most of this...
> That explains the layout of the Pd.app and the Tcl/Tk requirements. The main issue of things is that for the longest time, macOS only came with Tcl/Tk 8.4 preinstalled. Later it came with a buggy version of 8.5 which we avoid by embedding a newer, better 8.5 version within the app bundle. This version is for newer intel macs and the ppc compatible build uses the older 8.4 provided by the system.
> If you want, you can probably use the mac/tcltk-wish.sh script and set the --arch ppc flag to try and build for ppc specifically, but you will need to 1. have the 10.5 to 10.6 SDK available and 2. choose a version of Tcl/TK that will work on it. I mention #2 as I don't know if Tcl has dropped ppc support yet, perhaps not. A further option might be to find an old pre-compiled ActiveTCL download of 8.5 for ppc somewhere, install it on the machine, and update the Pd.app bundle with the wish for there, either using the mac/osx-app script or manually.
> i n any case, check out the readme and you can use the scripts to automate building Tcl/Tk and the app bundle. It's all there, just not tested on such an old system.
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