[PD] "too many open files" error in 0.48.1

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On 20.05.2018 06:50, Liam Goodacre wrote:
> In 0.48.1 on Ubuntu, I'm getting a horrible scenario where PD refuses to
> open patches or create any more abstractions for me. I get an error
> message saying "too many open files". Granted I have a lot open, but
> this is a serious problem as it means I can't access all of my old
> performances. They worked fine in 0.47.
> Any ideas?
this is not really a problem with pd, but with your shell- or system
configuration limiting the number of open file descriptors.

check your current shell-limit with
ulimit -Sn
-S is for soft limit (you can lower, but not raise, the hard limit).
raise the limit in your shell with
ulimit -n 65536
start pd from that shell and see if the situation improves.

if that doesn't help, you can check the kernel limits with
cat /proc/sys/fs/file-nr
which returns 3 numbers, the first of which is the number of open files,
the last of which is the limit.

increase the value of "nofile" in  /etc/security/limits.conf
sudo sysctl -p

additional steps are required to make these settings permanent, the
ulimit -n 65536 would have to go into your .bashrc so it's executed at
system startup. if you normally start pd from your GUI you'd have to
restart your system (actually just xorg) so your master shell knows
about the new value. there's other ways, one of which would be to start
pd from a wrapper script, or probably gnome provides that sort of
environmental setup for it's program shortcuts.

there's more information

hope that helps ... cheers,

> Liam
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