[PD] 1 / 0 = 0?

Christof Ressi christof.ressi at gmx.at
Thu May 24 16:57:59 CEST 2018

Hi William,
there's no other sane way to handle division by 0 in the audio domain since the result must be a number and there are only two options: output 0 or some ridiculously large number (which would be quite dangerous).
Pd *could* handle it differently in the control domain, but why? 
as Matt said: just don't divide by 0 :-)


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Just don’t allow your function to blow up in the first place. 

On Thursday, May 24, 2018, William Huston <williamahuston at gmail.com[mailto:williamahuston at gmail.com]> wrote:

I have a function which blows up at a certain point, moves to infinity.
In this case, it is basically 1/0.
I was a little surprised to find that 1/0 = 0 (according to Pd).
I was expecting NaN, or an overflow condition would could be trapped.
So what I have to do is examine the *input* for the values
which will blow up my function, and set a flag. While this
is easy in this single case, it is awkward in the general case.
This seems somewhat broken to me.
Is this a bug?

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