[PD] pd external c++ example

Joseph Larralde joseph.larralde at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 13:05:47 CEST 2018

Hi Christof,

I didn't realize I posted on the main list, so I add this thread to the 
dev list where I originally intended to ask ...

Changing 0 to A_NULL worked immediately.
Curiously, I never noticed the impossibility to replace an enum by its 
int value in C++ before.
That makes sense.

And as you said, it compiles with extern "C" surrounding only the setup 
In fact it even compiles without any extern "C" at all (but won't load, 
probably due to name mangling).

Thanks for the clear explanation.

Le 03/06/18 à 21:34, Christof Ressi a écrit :
>> - surround the whole code with extern "C" { ... }
> I think you only have to do this with the setup function because that's the only function which gets exported (and therefore mustn't have namemangling).
>>         candidate function not viable: no known conversion from 'int' to
>>         't_atomtype' for 6th argument
>> EXTERN t_class *class_new(t_symbol *name, t_newmethod newmethod,
> is you're 6th argument a '0'? looks like in C++ you can't pass an int where an enum (t_atomtype) is expected. try to pass 'A_NULL' instead.
> Christof
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>> Betreff: [PD] pd external c++ example
>> Hi list,
>> Some time ago I wrote a bunch of pd externals in C++, some using flext,
>> some by tweaking xcode projects until they worked.
>> Yesterday I've been trying the examples from the
>> pure-data/externals-howto github repo, with the idea in mind to write my
>> own clean pd library.
>> The first example compiled right away, so I decided to tweak it to use
>> C++ instead of C.
>> Here is what I did :
>> - rename helloworld.c to helloworld.cpp
>> - surround the whole code with extern "C" { ... }
>> - change class.sources = helloworld.c to class.sources = helloworld.cpp
>> in the Makefile.
>> And I got this error :
>> /Applications/Pd-0.47-1-64bit.app/Contents/Resources/src/m_pd.h:476:17:
>> note:
>>         candidate function not viable: no known conversion from 'int' to
>>         't_atomtype' for 6th argument
>> EXTERN t_class *class_new(t_symbol *name, t_newmethod newmethod,
>> I tried to add CXX = g++, then CXX = clang, then CXX = llvm in the
>> Makefile, none of which changed anything.
>> (I'm using OSX 10.11.6)
>> Before starting to play with more settings I don't fully understand
>> everywhere, I thought I'd ask for help here.
>> Any suggestions ?
>> By the way, I think a basic C++ example in the repo would be useful.
>> Also, if some advanced user is able to give me a good reason to
>> (cross-compatibility or whatever), I could consider switching back to C.
>> But I don't see any reason to do so, except maybe for a small gain in
>> size and/or performance ...
>> Thank you in advance for any replies,
>> Joseph
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