[PD] intelligent patching

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jun 6 15:37:52 CEST 2018

just a minor announcement.

recently there was some momentum on github about streamlining the
patching process when it comes to connecting many objects, or objects
with many iolets.

it all started a while ago (at least for me) with my "doublechord"
plugin (available via deken), which allows you to extend additional
connections between an object with many outlets and an object with many
inlets that are already connected, without having to fidget with so many

indendently, manav rathi submitted a PR to allow connecting of two
selected objects with a keystroke.

after that people joined in and started to suggest all kind of
improvements, as seen in purr-data or max/msp.

si i backported some of the connection tricks from Max and Purr-Data,
and it all ended in a PR [374].

new connection features:

- select any two objects, and press <Ctrl>+<k> (or <Cmd>+<k> if you
insist), to connect them (trivially, so just the first iolet)
- to connect a (signal) outlet to multiple arbitrary inlets, you can now
press <Shift> while hovering the yet-unconnected cord over an inlet
- to add more connections between two already connected object, select
the connection and pressl <Ctrl>+<d> to extend the connections to the
right ("duplicate")
- to fully connect two objects, *select* both objects before connecting
- to connect multiple objects to a single inlet, select all the source
objects (but not the sink object) before connecting them.
  - (the other way round works as well, but will give you fan-outs!!!)
- to connect multiple objects to a multi-inlet object, select all the
source objects *and* the sink object before connecting the leftmost
source to the leftmost inlet.
- to connect a multi-outlet object to multiple objects, select all the
source object *and* all the sink objects before connecting the leftmost
outlet to the leftmost sink.

i think that's about it.
thanks to Jonathan, Dan, Alex & Esteban for the inspirational ideas.

some of thew new features make it incredibly easy to create fan-outs.
so this is another opportunity to announce my "triggerize-plugin" which
will turn all your buggy fan-outs into nicely triggered connections (and
much more). grab it from deken.

of course this is just a pull request, so we depend on miller to merge
it into the "master" branch ;-)


[374] https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/pull/374

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