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José de Abreu abreubacelar at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 12:18:30 CEST 2018

Feature Request. How about swapping connections?

If I have two Objects, A and B ( with --> meaning a coord to each iolet)

a: 0 --> b: 0

a: 1 --> b: 1

Maybe, if I select one connection, and then, ctrl click the other
connection, the two could swap

a: 0 --> b: 1
a: 1 --> b: 0

This would greatly improve triggerize organization, just clicking to force
correct ordering of messages.

What do you think?

Em Qui, 7 de jun de 2018 04:55, baptiste chatel <baptiste.chatel at gmail.com>

> Fantastic news ! I really hope the PR will be merged into the master
> branch.
> That shift-insert an object is amazing too, please make it happen ! I can
> hear the live-programming people cheering already :)
> Baptiste
> Le mer. 6 juin 2018 à 15:43, IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> a
> écrit :
>> just a minor announcement.
>> recently there was some momentum on github about streamlining the
>> patching process when it comes to connecting many objects, or objects
>> with many iolets.
>> it all started a while ago (at least for me) with my "doublechord"
>> plugin (available via deken), which allows you to extend additional
>> connections between an object with many outlets and an object with many
>> inlets that are already connected, without having to fidget with so many
>> iolets.
>> indendently, manav rathi submitted a PR to allow connecting of two
>> selected objects with a keystroke.
>> after that people joined in and started to suggest all kind of
>> improvements, as seen in purr-data or max/msp.
>> si i backported some of the connection tricks from Max and Purr-Data,
>> and it all ended in a PR [374].
>> new connection features:
>> - select any two objects, and press <Ctrl>+<k> (or <Cmd>+<k> if you
>> insist), to connect them (trivially, so just the first iolet)
>> - to connect a (signal) outlet to multiple arbitrary inlets, you can now
>> press <Shift> while hovering the yet-unconnected cord over an inlet
>> - to add more connections between two already connected object, select
>> the connection and pressl <Ctrl>+<d> to extend the connections to the
>> right ("duplicate")
>> - to fully connect two objects, *select* both objects before connecting
>> them.
>> - to connect multiple objects to a single inlet, select all the source
>> objects (but not the sink object) before connecting them.
>>   - (the other way round works as well, but will give you fan-outs!!!)
>> - to connect multiple objects to a multi-inlet object, select all the
>> source objects *and* the sink object before connecting the leftmost
>> source to the leftmost inlet.
>> - to connect a multi-outlet object to multiple objects, select all the
>> source object *and* all the sink objects before connecting the leftmost
>> outlet to the leftmost sink.
>> i think that's about it.
>> thanks to Jonathan, Dan, Alex & Esteban for the inspirational ideas.
>> some of thew new features make it incredibly easy to create fan-outs.
>> urgh!!!
>> so this is another opportunity to announce my "triggerize-plugin" which
>> will turn all your buggy fan-outs into nicely triggered connections (and
>> much more). grab it from deken.
>> of course this is just a pull request, so we depend on miller to merge
>> it into the "master" branch ;-)
>> gfmasdr
>> IOhannes
>> [374] https://github.com/pure-data/pure-data/pull/374
>> [triggerize]
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